Sunday, April 08, 2007

Haul of the Day - 07 Apr 2007

Toy haul from TFH.
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  • SOC GX-36 Ideon. This figure is huge, and heavy. Japan edition.
  • SIC Vol 37 Blade (Jack form) and Leangle. Japan edition.
  • Star Wars Saga Collection Elite Corps. Japan card.
  • Star Wars 30th anniversay Treachery on Saleucami Battlepack. Hasbro.

Book haul from Kinokuniya.
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  • TV-Magazine, April edition. Comes with a DVD with 40 minutes of Transformers material, to commemorate the rerun of Beast Wars and re-releasing of Beast Wars toys.
  • International Artist, April/May edition. I think I might have missed the previous issue. The price tag is S$14.90, but I noticed that the price has changed to S$17.00 (goodness, what's the deal with all these escalating prices even before the July 2007 GST hike) after the sales girl restock the shelves with new copies.
  • Japanese magazine on comic drawing, character design and story telling.


Shaun Wong said...

best pal is the richest! The SOC is damn nice

neoconvoy said...

buy !

but not as rich as some medicom collector...