Sunday, September 24, 2006

Google Box - Miami Ink

Miami Ink is both the name of a tattoo shop on Miami Beach, and the title of a reality show on TLC which films the events that take place there. The shop is co-owned by artists Ami James (2nd from left) and Chris Nuñez (3rd from left), and also features artists Kat Von D, Chris Garver (last), Darren Brass (4th from left) and Yoji Harada (first). The show exhibits the process and finished work of these entrepreneurial tattoo artists by featuring a number of customers along with their backstory and motivations for their tattoos.

Ami James incidentally was Chris Garver's apprentice, and Yoji Harada is now Ami's apprentice.

Season one is currently being re-run on Starhub channel 16 Discovery Travel and Living, every Sunday 11:00pm.

Have a look, and it will change your perception on the world of tattoo.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Artist - Daniel Dociu

I like this artist's style. It reminds me of Roger Dean (though the style is somewhat different), and the arcade game Darius.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Anime - BLEACH TV Series

Bleach the TV series is currenting screening on the local cable channel (CH 56). Having heard so much rave reviews about the show, which has over taken the ratings from Naruto to be the number one anime in Japan, I decided to have a look. Before that, it has not impressed me much based on the story and animation (after watching one episode sometime ago).

The current show time is 6:30pm, and a repeat on an ungodly hour of 00:30am, 5 days a week, Mondays to Fridays. By now, I have watched about 9 episodes, and frankly, it has not impressed me as much as the first time I watched Naruto.

Maybe this is just a slow beginning, so I will keep watching, as long as I can keep my eyes open. These late night repeats are a killer. I doze off half the time.

The animation is not as good as Naruto, and it is also not as hillarious as Naruto as well. But on the plus side, the animation is consistent. Naruto sometimes tend to have some bad animation. But when an epic battle ensues, the animation is superb.

The opening an closing themes as nice, but again, not as nice as Naruto, in terms of the songs and animation. The only 2 I liked so far is the 4th Opening "Tonight Tonight Tonight" by the Beat Crusaders and the 6th Ending "My Pace" by Sunset Swish. Both are catch tunes and the animation is great !

4th Opening Theme

6th Closing Theme

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Music Recommendations - Jay Chou's Latest Release

Wow, it's been so long since I updated this site. I need to get off my lazy arse.

Anyway, Jay Chou has just released his latest album 依然范特西, and the first single is a collaboration with 费玉清 called 千里之外.

A friend's sister actually bought this new album for S$10 ! It's an authorised China version. But I guess you could have gotten it even cheaper if you were in China.

Here's the track list:

I managed to listen to a few songs, and frankly, there is not much difference from his previous ablum. Still the fast rap, R&B and slow song mixes.