Sunday, September 24, 2006

Google Box - Miami Ink

Miami Ink is both the name of a tattoo shop on Miami Beach, and the title of a reality show on TLC which films the events that take place there. The shop is co-owned by artists Ami James (2nd from left) and Chris Nuñez (3rd from left), and also features artists Kat Von D, Chris Garver (last), Darren Brass (4th from left) and Yoji Harada (first). The show exhibits the process and finished work of these entrepreneurial tattoo artists by featuring a number of customers along with their backstory and motivations for their tattoos.

Ami James incidentally was Chris Garver's apprentice, and Yoji Harada is now Ami's apprentice.

Season one is currently being re-run on Starhub channel 16 Discovery Travel and Living, every Sunday 11:00pm.

Have a look, and it will change your perception on the world of tattoo.

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