Sunday, February 24, 2008

Haul of the Week


First time reissue of SkyLynx, which is also the first time release in Japan. This figure was never release in Japan. TakaraTomy might be heading in the direct of reissuing never been released in Japan figures. Legends Bonecrusher and Japan exclusive black Arcee.

Animated Hellboy series 1

Was able to track down these figures locally. There is still one more variant animated Hellboy figure missing. The shop owner had one, but it had a cracked lip. Decided to pass up on it. The black colour shirt is for the 10" rotocast figure, which I am not getting. I thought it was for the same scale figures.


Got the Japan Amazon online exclusive Danboard from RapidCulture.


Latest candy toys from Mugenbine series.

Star Wars

Lucky to find this at retail. Thought was too late when saw someone walking away from the shelf with one of them. Dug through the rack and managed to find one more.

BB Gundam kits

Got these kits after seeing images of them on some Japanese toy site. Got them for the weapons.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Music Recommendation - Wish by Sowelu

This beautiful song is used by D.Grayman anime as it's 6th ending theme. D.Grayman's ending images are very nice, the way the characters are collaged together to form the image.

Anime Ending

Music Video

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Video - Much Ado about Nutting

Ever since I saw this cartoon from Chuck Jones, I fell in love with it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Haul of the Week


Star Wars

Fantastic Four Classics

This is the normal version of the Transforming Super Skrull. The other 2 variants are the Flaming and Clear versions. Both used clear plastics, with the former in clear orange, and the latter transparent white. They are quite hard to come by. Would love to add them to my collection.

Comic Hellboy

Another Alien to the collection, even though I already have a loose and carded one.

CMs Legend of Daiku Maryu M.A.S series

Got a great deal for Gaiking from Ng Collection. With Balking, my collection is now complete. Raiking is not pictured, which I have procured previously.

Kotobukiya Bases

The design of this series of bases is much better than the previous released. But future releases are even better.

BM The Next V3

Loose Lizard

Picked this up at the flea market because it had quite a good range of articulation. It is made in 2006, but not sure which line it came from. But I just found out that this is from the Spider-man 3 movie line. Stupid.....

Great Gambarugar

When I bought this set, I thought it was sneaked out from a factory or something. Then I realized the instructions were in English and Chinese, and I think this could be a KO toy. I did a checked and it still has the Sunrise copyright logo on the toys. Ack, stupid again.....

Doraemon Movie DVD

This 2006 movie was telecast on the local TV, and I managed to catch it when I heard my nephew mentioned it. I thought it would be a kiddish animated show, but to my surprise, the animation technique employed was not kiddish. It has a sort of rough sketch feel to it, which I thought they would not use for such a movie. I thought they would go for a cleaner animation approach. I was impressed by the animation that I went to look for the DVD the next day.

Comics Read Recently

After discovering the local libraries are stocking up on comic graphic novels and collections, I am able to read some of the comics which I would normally not buy. They have quite a good range, depending on the location of the local library. I was surprised to see collections like Absolute Dark Knight and Cover to Cover hardcover editions.

I picked up Desolation Jones: Made in England because I liked J.H. Williams' art. His style is similar to Jae Lee. In Desolation Jones, he displays a few other styles which is similar to Moebius, David Mack and Travis Charest.

Other Realms is a collection of 2 stories that ran in Legends of the Dark Knight # 35-36, 76-78.
The art for this first story, Destiny, is by Bo Hampton, which I did not really like. The second, The Sleeping, is by his brother, Scott Hampton. Scott Hampton draws a very good Batman. He is one of the few in my opinion that draws a good Batman. I really like the cover for Issue # 77. It has a Simon Bisley feel to it.

Having heard about the computer generated movie, I checked out the comic strip to see what the hype was about. I really liked the comic, as it has a Calvin and Hobbes feel to it. And even though the art style seems a bit rough, the artists Mike Fry and T. Lewis captures the expressions of the characters very well. Checkout the daily strips here.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Music Recommendation - Bleach OP7 and ED14

Bleach anime opening theme 7 After Dark has been around for some time, and it is only recently that I got to like the song. It's by Asian Kung-Fu Generation, who had done great themes for animes like Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist as well.

Anime Opening

Music Video

Next is the latest Bleach ending theme 14 Kansha, performed by Real Street Project (RSP). A nice, light hearted song.

Anime Ending

Music Video

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Haul of the Day - 10 Feb 2008

Thanks to the tip off from my nephew regarding 20% discounts from Metro, I managed to get the following (all repaints):

Transformers Movie scout class.

Transformers Movie real gear.

Transformers Movie FAB.

Got the following Star Wars droids from OG, also with 20% discounts:

Picture of the Day

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Picture of the Day

Transformers Movie Scout Class Collection

These are basically repaints from the previous Energon and Cybertron lines. And if you notice, there is always a repaint within the wave of 3. Though these are suppose to be USA Walmart exclusives, we managed to get them locally here at departmental stores, sans the Walmart exclusive sticker.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Picture of the Day

Nude Collection

Doing some spring cleaning for the Chinese New Year, and partially goofing off by taking some pictures of my collections before they are temporarily packed into the boxes.

My nude body collection.

Hottoys and BBI

Barrack Sergeant and Shadowman

Obitsu (Japan) and a loose Brad Pitt which I hope to kitbash to a Fight Club Tylor Durden someday. The hair sculpt needs to be fixed. If only I had a Se7en head sculpt, that would be the best.

Haul of the Day - 02 Feb 2008

Picked this up at retail in Malaysia. Now if only there was such luck locally.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Ben10 Collection

Influenced by my nephew, I started to watch the cartoon and collect the basic figures.

The original 10 Omnitrix Aliens

The new Omnitrix Aliens (after season 1)

The Heroes

The Villians

The latest action figures are retools of existing ones, and laid out in "battle poses". Replacing the lenticular card and animation discs are a trading card with a hidden code that can be deciphered using the display base.

It's Hero Time !!!