Sunday, February 24, 2008

Haul of the Week


First time reissue of SkyLynx, which is also the first time release in Japan. This figure was never release in Japan. TakaraTomy might be heading in the direct of reissuing never been released in Japan figures. Legends Bonecrusher and Japan exclusive black Arcee.

Animated Hellboy series 1

Was able to track down these figures locally. There is still one more variant animated Hellboy figure missing. The shop owner had one, but it had a cracked lip. Decided to pass up on it. The black colour shirt is for the 10" rotocast figure, which I am not getting. I thought it was for the same scale figures.


Got the Japan Amazon online exclusive Danboard from RapidCulture.


Latest candy toys from Mugenbine series.

Star Wars

Lucky to find this at retail. Thought was too late when saw someone walking away from the shelf with one of them. Dug through the rack and managed to find one more.

BB Gundam kits

Got these kits after seeing images of them on some Japanese toy site. Got them for the weapons.

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Arman said...

wow! Cool haul!