Sunday, March 09, 2008

Comics Read Recently


Finally managed to pick up this trade from the local library and read the story. I never wanted to buy the trade because I was never a fan of writer Alan Moore or artist Dave Gibbons, even though this series was groundbreaking and critically acclaim.
After reading it, I was not too sure what was the hype about. This series was produced in 1986, so probably the issues addressed in the story could be radical then.
Anyway, it is a nice read, and I just want to say that HEROES (the TV series) is a rip off from Watchmen.
Now, it will be interesting to see how they will pull this off as a movie, as most of the comic were flashbacks.

Top 10

The first thing that attracted my attention to this comic was the doberman in a Hawaiian shirt and straw hat by Alex Ross, but not enough to buy the comic book. So when I came across the first volume in the library, I took a shot at it. Partly also because the comic was written by Alan Moore, and drawn by Gene Ha (a very detail artist), with layouts by Zander Cannon. (Zander Cannon is a great artist, who started with his own comic The Replacement God. Check it out. You will see a plug for this in the first issue of Top 10.)
Overall, it was a good read, different from the mainstream superheroes comics.

Secret Wars

I borrowed this book just because of the artist, Gabriele Dell Otto. This Italian does very good dynamic painted scenes and poses. If you like painted art, do pick this series or the trade. Note that the trade does not do justice to the art, as it is quite dark sometimes to see all the details.

Superman: Birthright

Birthright is a retelling of the origins of Superman, but I was not interested in the story, only the artwork, by artist Leinil Francis Yu. His style is clean, much reminiscent of Travis Charest's earlier works.

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