Saturday, March 22, 2008

Toy Review - Spider-Man 3 GITD Venom

After hearing news that Hasbro will take over the production of Marvel related toys from Toy Biz, I knew we were screwed. And when they announced the Spider-man 3 movie figures, we were screwed. These came in the size of 5", one inch short of the usual Toy Biz and their own Hasbro Marvel Legends figures. This completely blows the whole scale thing. To make up for this shortfall, Hasbro decided to produce a separate movie line for collectors. But sadly, they are not up to the mark compared to Toy Biz. Anyway, good to hear that the other movie lines for Iron Man and Incredible Hulk will be back to 6".

A few days ago, I broke down and bought a 5" movie line figure, the Glow In The Dark (GITD) Venom.


Since Hasbro said that these toys are targeted at kids, I am surprised that they still spent some effort on the packaging. The paper inserts and not just a single piece, but a few pieces pieced together.


A catalogue, the figure and a net, which is quite useless. The sticker advertised on the top of the packaging is missing though.





  • Ball jointed head
  • Ball jointed shoulders
  • Double pin jointed elbow
  • Cut wrist
  • Swivel chest
  • Ball jointed hip
  • Combination of swivel and single pin jointed knee
Even though the head is a ball joint, its range of movement is as good as a cut joint. The shoulder articulation does not have a cut at the bicep, so the whole arm rotates with the shoulder. Similarly, the hip job only allows a limited range of movement, but if you turn the ball joint 180 degrees, you can get a splitting stance.
Overall, you can only have a limited number of poses, and not too many dynamic ones.

The eyes and teeth are painted with glow in the dark paint, but I did not take any pictures.

Action Poses

Double pin joint range.

Flying/leaping poses.

Invert hip joint 180 degrees to achieve this pose.


Comparison between Marvel Legends and Marvel Legends Showdown.

If you have extra cash, use it for some other figure.


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