Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Haul of the Day - 29 Jan 2007

Finally managed to find time again to pop by TFH to make a long overdue payment for a HyperHobby mailaway Masked Rider and pick up the stuff that had arrived a few weeks ago.

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Top, left to right:
Transformers Titanium War Within Starscream and RID Optimus Prime, Transformers Classics Jetfire (a surprise find), Kaiyodo Revoltec 019 Convoy, Transformers Classics Ultimate Battle Optimus Prime vs Megatron, and exclusive Kaiyodo Revoltec 019 Ultra Magnus (repaint Convoy).

Also picked up the following, thanks to Shaun.

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Had been looking high and low for a Mattel Superman Returns Barbie Lois Lane at clearance price. If anyone can find it, it's good old Shaun. Thanks man ! No more bitching from me, that is until I can find the Mattel Ken Superman. He also picked up a retard 12" naked Brad Pitt while scavenging for naked bodies and clothings for his new 12" fetish. Hoping to kitbash into a Fight Club Tyler Durden.

In the meantime, hop over to his blog and see the cool stuff he has done:
World's Finest
Bruce Wayne
Retard Pitt

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Haul of the Day - 23 Jan 2007

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Just picked up 2 of the latest action figures from the Ghost Rider movie assortment - Raging GR and Scarecrow.

The Raging GR is quite neat as it has 2 light switches behind its back, which turns on a red and orange led in the head of the figure, besides being super articulated.

Scarecrow is a decent villian, with good articualtion, and currently only a human form of Blackheart was available. Might pick him up later. The lack of a good neck articulation prevented me from sweeping him off the peg. The rest of the figures like Flame Fist GR, Vengenance, Fire Blast GR, Chain Attack GR, Flame Cycle with GR lacked the articulation and any other play value to be worth picking up. Caretaker was no where in sight. Chain Attack GR has a good Nicholas Cage-likeness swappable head (which was goofy looking with the skinny GR body), but the lack of a shoulder articulation also made me put off the purchase for the time being.

There is also the ultimate 12" GR with Flame Cycle, but the price tag of S$99.00 was way to much to invest in. Marvel Legends ICONS only cost S$19.90.

No pictures just yet.

The movie starring Nicholas Cage, is set to hit the big screen in Feb 2007 in US, and should be making its way locally later this year. View the teaser

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Batman vs Pokemon

The sister usually bring her boys over the weekends when they have the time or in the neighbourhood to catch up with the family.
I was fiddling with TheBatman animated figure, trying to see if there was any way to make the cape cover the figure in those cool comic poses. Not much success with this one.
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But after some effort, I thought this is nice, although the cape was too short. By the way, the cape is held behind by a pin.
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And the boys, being the boys they are, also wanted a piece of the action. So they lined up the toys they had brought along and requested for a photoshot.
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They are mostly Pokemon figures from those gashapon machines, with a rubber snake and Rockman figure thrown in for the fun of it.

Puss in Lift

The weather for the past months have been very wet and cold, with unseasonal rain pouring almost every other day, and sometimes non-stop for days. These caused floods in some areas, and has hit our neighbour up north pretty bad. With such weather conditions, it is no wonder the neighbourhood strays would find alternative refuge.
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Haul of the Day - 19 Jan 2007

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Picked up these new Star Wars Lego battlepacks from the local Lego store Bricksworld at S$24.90 a box. Only managed to get hold of the 7654 Droids pack, and still looking out for the Clones pack, which incidentally is out at the other departmental stores. So much for being the exclusive Lego store, huh. Anyway, still waiting for the nice lady at the Marina Square branch to give me a call when the stocks arrive.

The Driod battle comes with 4 Battledriods, 3 Super Battledriods and their transport vehicles. These are not new figures, and have been packed along with other Stars Wars sequel Lego sets. Wish they had at least painted one of the driods to be in the commander colours. For those who missed out on the EP1 Battledriod pack, this would be the next best army builders alternative.
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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Haul of the Day - 07 Jan 2007

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Finally found some time off to make a trip to Falcon's Hangar aka TFH to pay for the stuff that came out the last 2 weeks. And surprisingly found that they had a Medicom RAH 12" Jedi Luke for a surprisingly good price. That's why it always pay to frequently visit TFH and be a loyal customer, because the good folks will always pass on good deals to good regulars. They also had a good deal for a Medicom RAH 12" ROTS Darth Vader, but I had to pass, for now.

Pictured above are the stuff I brought back home: SideShow 12" Darth Maul Inclusive Edition (could not resist after comparing with the normal version) and the mentioned Medicom Jedi Luke.

Other hauls (not pictured) included Fewture Getter-3, Marvel Legends ICONS Series 3 Spider-man (one for Shaun as well), a normal set of 6 Marvel Legends Modok series 15 and all 3 sets Marvel Legends Face-Off 2-pack series 1.

A very large haul, and it could have been even larger, if I did not put off some pruchases like SIC vol 35 and KISS Transformers AutoLooper.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Shoutbox Tryouts

Just found out about these niffty shoutboxes that can be added to the blogs, and just in time. I was wondering if there were any features in the blog hosts that allow anyone to post messages without having to reply as a comment on the blog entries. So far I have found 2, one called Chatterbox and another Cbox.

Chatterbox interface looks fairly simple, while Cbox has abit more elaborate features available for its basic free version. There is a premium version (for US$2 per month) which enables more of the features. The basic version is also ad-supported by the way.

I have added a CBox version on the sidebar for trial.

If you have any other recommendations, please let me know.

Bliss and Happy New Year 2007

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Just came back from a wonderful wedding dinner of Shaun and his lovely wife Weiping. Congratulations and best wishes to the couple !!!

2006 is now offically last year, and 2007 is now this year (well, at least for folks here in Singapore). Wishing all a new and exciting year ahead !