Sunday, January 07, 2007

Haul of the Day - 07 Jan 2007

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Finally found some time off to make a trip to Falcon's Hangar aka TFH to pay for the stuff that came out the last 2 weeks. And surprisingly found that they had a Medicom RAH 12" Jedi Luke for a surprisingly good price. That's why it always pay to frequently visit TFH and be a loyal customer, because the good folks will always pass on good deals to good regulars. They also had a good deal for a Medicom RAH 12" ROTS Darth Vader, but I had to pass, for now.

Pictured above are the stuff I brought back home: SideShow 12" Darth Maul Inclusive Edition (could not resist after comparing with the normal version) and the mentioned Medicom Jedi Luke.

Other hauls (not pictured) included Fewture Getter-3, Marvel Legends ICONS Series 3 Spider-man (one for Shaun as well), a normal set of 6 Marvel Legends Modok series 15 and all 3 sets Marvel Legends Face-Off 2-pack series 1.

A very large haul, and it could have been even larger, if I did not put off some pruchases like SIC vol 35 and KISS Transformers AutoLooper.


Shaun Wong said...

thank you for alerting me of ROTS Vader best pal

neoconvoy said...

oh my dear S$10 Ken Supes and Barbie Lois...where art thou...*sigh*

Anonymous said...

I think in Mattel Warehouse