Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Haul of the Day - 29 Jan 2007

Finally managed to find time again to pop by TFH to make a long overdue payment for a HyperHobby mailaway Masked Rider and pick up the stuff that had arrived a few weeks ago.

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Top, left to right:
Transformers Titanium War Within Starscream and RID Optimus Prime, Transformers Classics Jetfire (a surprise find), Kaiyodo Revoltec 019 Convoy, Transformers Classics Ultimate Battle Optimus Prime vs Megatron, and exclusive Kaiyodo Revoltec 019 Ultra Magnus (repaint Convoy).

Also picked up the following, thanks to Shaun.

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Had been looking high and low for a Mattel Superman Returns Barbie Lois Lane at clearance price. If anyone can find it, it's good old Shaun. Thanks man ! No more bitching from me, that is until I can find the Mattel Ken Superman. He also picked up a retard 12" naked Brad Pitt while scavenging for naked bodies and clothings for his new 12" fetish. Hoping to kitbash into a Fight Club Tyler Durden.

In the meantime, hop over to his blog and see the cool stuff he has done:
World's Finest
Bruce Wayne
Retard Pitt


Shaun Wong said...

The titanium figs look good, where did u pick up jeftire? Is prime from the ultimate battle set the same sculpt as robot master prime. Damn it lah now must hunt for mattel ken supes. Wanna go yellow box one of these days to buy clothes for your tyler durden kit bash?

thanks for the plug.

neoconvoy said...

jetfire from roy...apparently he got in a small shipment with prime, and manage to get rid of them...amazing...nope...different scuplt...u want i can sell to u...best plice...

yes, pls...there will be non-stop bitching till i get my supes ken dammit !!

u shld hve gone to sphere lah...but i think they sell military crap as well..but at least u got the HT naked body...