Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Haul of the Day - 23 Jan 2007

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Just picked up 2 of the latest action figures from the Ghost Rider movie assortment - Raging GR and Scarecrow.

The Raging GR is quite neat as it has 2 light switches behind its back, which turns on a red and orange led in the head of the figure, besides being super articulated.

Scarecrow is a decent villian, with good articualtion, and currently only a human form of Blackheart was available. Might pick him up later. The lack of a good neck articulation prevented me from sweeping him off the peg. The rest of the figures like Flame Fist GR, Vengenance, Fire Blast GR, Chain Attack GR, Flame Cycle with GR lacked the articulation and any other play value to be worth picking up. Caretaker was no where in sight. Chain Attack GR has a good Nicholas Cage-likeness swappable head (which was goofy looking with the skinny GR body), but the lack of a shoulder articulation also made me put off the purchase for the time being.

There is also the ultimate 12" GR with Flame Cycle, but the price tag of S$99.00 was way to much to invest in. Marvel Legends ICONS only cost S$19.90.

No pictures just yet.

The movie starring Nicholas Cage, is set to hit the big screen in Feb 2007 in US, and should be making its way locally later this year. View the teaser