Sunday, January 21, 2007

Haul of the Day - 19 Jan 2007

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Picked up these new Star Wars Lego battlepacks from the local Lego store Bricksworld at S$24.90 a box. Only managed to get hold of the 7654 Droids pack, and still looking out for the Clones pack, which incidentally is out at the other departmental stores. So much for being the exclusive Lego store, huh. Anyway, still waiting for the nice lady at the Marina Square branch to give me a call when the stocks arrive.

The Driod battle comes with 4 Battledriods, 3 Super Battledriods and their transport vehicles. These are not new figures, and have been packed along with other Stars Wars sequel Lego sets. Wish they had at least painted one of the driods to be in the commander colours. For those who missed out on the EP1 Battledriod pack, this would be the next best army builders alternative.
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