Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Haul of the Week

Stuff I got during a weekend over at Malaysia.

The Batman

Not sure who is this character, because I missed out most of the episodes after season 1.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Movie BAF

The only figure I wanted from this series was Venom, but the TRU only had these 2, a normal (rehash) super articulated Spider-man from the second movie, (re-hash) Doc Ock with bendy arms from the second movie and a black Spider-man package. Yes, package. The figure was missing. This series never made it to retail locally.

Last Order comic #9 exclusive Gally

My instincts told me that I should be able to find this figure at Kinokuniya, and I was right. Attempts to get this figure from Japan via the usual channels and the local Kinokuniya turned out in vain.

Malaysia boleh !!


I just love monkeys. This is a repaint and retool figure of the previous one, with added chromed parts.

Transformers Movie

Got these magnet heads. I have yet to determine if these are 1/6th scale.
If they fit, might just kitbash something.

Thanks to my sister, who helped me secure these 2 pieces from Metro.

Transformers Henkei

Kudos to TakaraTomy to give us a purple Astrotrain, as opposed to the white version from Hasbro. Checkout pictures here by shaun.

Ben 10

Battle pose Ghost Freak. This figure is better than the first one.


The Kuro comes with new facial expressions.


Thing vs Hulk with art by Jae Lee (cheap sale !), and 30 Days of Nights: Beyond Barrow with art by Bill Sienkiewicz.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Haul of the Week


The above is a UK Chevy exclusive, which TFH managed to secure for local collectors. Way to go guys !

Got his movie Legends 2-pack mainly for Scorponok.

Machine Robo Mugenbine

These are really cheap, but the downside is they are from HK Bandai, which has major lapse in the quality department.

Revoltech Fraulein

Possibly my last figure for this line. The rest announced so far are not enticing.


Whenever I drop by Ng Collection, there will always be something (else) there to pick up, besides stuff I already have in mind to get.


Highlighted are the stuff I got. The retailer had actually opened all boxes and labeled each with a sticker to denote the contents so you will know what you will be getting. These originally came as blind boxes. But by the time I picked them up, the good ones are already gone.

Out of the box contents.
I am a fan of Re-ment. These miniatures are very nicely done. Sadly they are not 1/6th scale.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Haul of the Day - 06 Apr 2008

Some additional stuff I picked up today.


Mononofu series 8 from Ng Collection. Loose pieces were available, but seeing how I would be picking most of the pieces, I decided to buy the whole box, which includes a secret as well.

Brave Revival Legends

Finally found a good price for this piece BR-04, which is a giftset of individually released BR-01,02 and 03. Had to drag this huge piece all the way from Tampines to Yishun. Don't let the picture fool you. This piece is 52cm x 52cm.

Picture of the Day

Run Spidey Run !

Music Recommendation - Naruto Shippuuden New Opening/Ending

End of the last story arc, and start of a new one comes with a new opening and ending.

Opening - Blue Bird

Ending - Surface

Haul of the Week

Iron Man Movie

A US Target exclusive, but made it to the local Carrefour.


Exclusive Visual Works magazine mailaway green Ratchet and E-hobby Diaclone colours Ironhide.

SIC Movie Realization


Should I get another one ?

CMS Brave Gokin

All plastic and very expensive, even more expensive than SOC Godmars.
CMS are getting too pricey for their own good.

Star Wars