Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year 2006

A few more hours, and it's goodbye Year of the Chicken, and welcome Year of the Dog. I hope the coming year will be better for everyone.
Just got a brand new haircut yesterday, and against what I have previously thought I would never do, I changed my hair colour. (",) Anyways, hopefully with this new style comes a new attitude. :P

Oh, and the stylist would did the job is a friend I met while hanging out at Falcon's Hangar. After seeing my hair style (I kept it long and combed it in a geeky way), he was so eager to change it. I guess it was really that bad.
So here's a plug for him. Thanks pal ! I really like the new look.

Lawrence, at
It's Hairy
Far East Plaza
#04-100 (just across Falcon)
(+65) 6733 0976

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Takara is releasing a line of reissues of its Cool Girl 12inch doll series. They are not just straight reissue, but with some changes in the colours. It's been announced that G3 Jun from the Gatchaman series will be part of this release. And along with this release, a DARK version will also be introduced. Now, I am not too sure if Jun was ever in this costume, but it sure looks cool. Scheduled release date is Mar 2006, with a suggested retail price of 9975yen.

Here's a rundown of the releases:
Vol 1: CG-12 Ruby
Vol 2: CG-07 Harley
Vol 3: CG-EX3 Ash
Vol 4: Cutie Honey
Vol 5: G3

Monday, January 02, 2006

AVATAR The Last Airbender

I accidentally stumbled onto this animated series when I visited a website looking for some anime information. The information listed indicated that it was already half way through the series. So I did a search for more information on the net and found that it was not an anime. I decided not to pursue the series further.

Then while channel surfing on a fine weekend some months ago, I saw the show being broadcast on Nickelodeon (which is where the show was created for in the first place). I decided to give it a try, and to my surprise, it was very good.

The story is simple: This kid called Aang, destined to be the next Avatar, master of air, water, earth and fire bending (which means controlling), gets trapped in a block of ice, and released some 100 years later (ala Captain America), by 2 kids from the water tribe. During his absence, the Fire nation started a war to rule the 4 nations (world was divided then into Fire, Water, Earth, Air, all skilled in the art of their respective element bending). Now back to the present, he must master all the elements, defeat the Fire nation and being peace to the world. Quite a hugh undertaking for a 12 year old, who has only knolwdge in air bending.

What captivated me to this series are the animation and style. It is sometimes wacky, and the animation is smooth and consistent throughout. On one episode, a sequence of animation was done similar to the style of the Japanese anime DeadLeaves. But I do find the used of a singular colour tone and anime influence too dull. But that does not make the show any much less enjoyable.

The DVD will be out in Jan 2006. Sadly, when I heard the news, I thought it was for the complete 1st season. It turns out that it is only Vol 1 of the first season, comprising of 4 episodes only. At this rate, I am not sure when the whole 1st season will be completely released, before a boxset (hopefully) will be released.

Anyway, Happy New Year !