Sunday, February 04, 2007

Haul of the Day - 03 Feb 2007

After meeting a Finanical Planner this morning to talk about retirement plans, investments and a free cuppa, I took a walk around the shops in Northpoint Shopping Centre, and went to Comics Connection to see if the latest comic book had arrived. No such luck, but I managed to buy one Naruto and Bleach character figures.
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The Oreo waffer sticks are a snack. A bit sweet, but nice nonetheless.

The Naruto is a 2-figure pack, with a main character and an animal which they can summon, after signing a contract with them. The figure that I wanted was Kakashi, and his pack of cool dogs, but they did not have it. So I bought the next most wanted figure, which is the Third Hokage and Monkey King Enma.

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The Bleach is a also a 2-figure swing set, meaning you can attach this to your bags, handphones, clothings, and what not. I am not sure if these are blind boxes, or if the figures are displayed on the top. I just randomly choose one, and got exactly what was displayed at the top. I do not know their names, as I am not familiar with Bleach, but I got the white hair boy and the lady with the big knockers.
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