Sunday, February 11, 2007

Toy Review - Final Fantasy III Trading Arts Mini

I have never been good with luck. Usually when I play with blind boxes or those gapshapon machines, I will end up getting those figures that prayed I will not get. Just me or it happens to everyone ? I guess it is really random or blind luck.
This time round, I managed to get something which I hoped to get.
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The lady at CC was correct. These mini figures had top notch quality. The paint application is ok, there is a flat coat over the figure, which does not make it look like cheap or knock off figures. The sculpting is nice. I have no knowledge about these characters, but I believe they should be a good representation of the game equivalent.

Now the question is whether to get the whole set ? Not really, as the other figures, besides the winged brown armour figure, I have no liking for the rest. Maybe I will try my luck again.

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