Sunday, February 11, 2007

Toy Review - Machine Robo Mugenbine Candy Toys

Saw this set at a Japanese toy site, and was intriged by the articulation, and of course, the gattai (combine) aspect. The usual MRM toys sold at department stores are made of better plastics, and packaging, but lacks the articulation that are built into these candy toys.

The same goes for the other Bandai's Sentai series. I am not sure how Bandai can pack the articulations into these candy toys, but not include them into the other higher end toys.

This gattai set comes with 5 figures, with a robot figure (Mugenroid) acting as the central body for the rest to attach to. This is the basic concept since the Machine Robo Rescue series.

Besides the Mugenroid, the rest of the figures have 2 modes, a Dragon mode and a Weapon mode. From the packaging, this seems to be some sort of Legends of 4 Dragons series.
(Note: After Machine Robo Rescue series, I have not been actively catching up with the later Machine Robo series. As such, I have not much information with regards to the later series.)

This set comes with the following figures:
01. MugenFlameDragon
02. MugenThunderDragon
03. MugenEarthDragon
04. MugenWaterDRagon
05. MugenRoid
- the usual Earth Element themes.

The box contains the toy, catalog, a separate instruction sheet for combining the figures, sticker sheet, a candy and as usual, the actual instructions for assembly and stickers is located inside the box. Nowadays, the toy comes almost pre-assembled, which is a good thing. I am lazy to have to remove the parts from the sprues and assemble them. Even putting the stickers is a chore. haha.
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The toys come moulded in their basic colours, and there are some basic colours (eg, eyes) however little, added. The rest of the colours are complemented by the stickers. The toys in Dragon mode.
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The toys in their Weapon mode. They have to be taken apart to form the alternate mode, and not transformed.
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The weapons can use used by the Mugenroid, or the other higher end MRM figures.

The toys in the gattai mode. Again, the toys are taken apart and reassembled. The instructions are given in a separate sheet included. Some parts form the sword and shield.
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The combined mode.
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Articulations can be found at the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle. Though they are just basic articulations, they enable they figure to spot cool action poses. Each figure costs S$6.00, totally at S$30.00 per set. Given the playability of the figure, it is worth the S$30.00.

The other aspect of this toy is that Bandai made it in scale with the higher end series, so you can combined with them as well. Also the concept of building blocks from Bandai is great for instilling imgaination and creativity. Kudos to them.


Starboykb said...

can you tell me where can you get them online. Thanks!

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sorry, i am afraid i do not know where you can get it online...