Sunday, February 17, 2008

Haul of the Week


Star Wars

Fantastic Four Classics

This is the normal version of the Transforming Super Skrull. The other 2 variants are the Flaming and Clear versions. Both used clear plastics, with the former in clear orange, and the latter transparent white. They are quite hard to come by. Would love to add them to my collection.

Comic Hellboy

Another Alien to the collection, even though I already have a loose and carded one.

CMs Legend of Daiku Maryu M.A.S series

Got a great deal for Gaiking from Ng Collection. With Balking, my collection is now complete. Raiking is not pictured, which I have procured previously.

Kotobukiya Bases

The design of this series of bases is much better than the previous released. But future releases are even better.

BM The Next V3

Loose Lizard

Picked this up at the flea market because it had quite a good range of articulation. It is made in 2006, but not sure which line it came from. But I just found out that this is from the Spider-man 3 movie line. Stupid.....

Great Gambarugar

When I bought this set, I thought it was sneaked out from a factory or something. Then I realized the instructions were in English and Chinese, and I think this could be a KO toy. I did a checked and it still has the Sunrise copyright logo on the toys. Ack, stupid again.....

Doraemon Movie DVD

This 2006 movie was telecast on the local TV, and I managed to catch it when I heard my nephew mentioned it. I thought it would be a kiddish animated show, but to my surprise, the animation technique employed was not kiddish. It has a sort of rough sketch feel to it, which I thought they would not use for such a movie. I thought they would go for a cleaner animation approach. I was impressed by the animation that I went to look for the DVD the next day.


Arman said...

nice haul! Still waiting for you to OPEN them up to display :p

neoconvoy said...

soon...haha...but not all yet...until i have space to display them..