Sunday, February 17, 2008

Comics Read Recently

After discovering the local libraries are stocking up on comic graphic novels and collections, I am able to read some of the comics which I would normally not buy. They have quite a good range, depending on the location of the local library. I was surprised to see collections like Absolute Dark Knight and Cover to Cover hardcover editions.

I picked up Desolation Jones: Made in England because I liked J.H. Williams' art. His style is similar to Jae Lee. In Desolation Jones, he displays a few other styles which is similar to Moebius, David Mack and Travis Charest.

Other Realms is a collection of 2 stories that ran in Legends of the Dark Knight # 35-36, 76-78.
The art for this first story, Destiny, is by Bo Hampton, which I did not really like. The second, The Sleeping, is by his brother, Scott Hampton. Scott Hampton draws a very good Batman. He is one of the few in my opinion that draws a good Batman. I really like the cover for Issue # 77. It has a Simon Bisley feel to it.

Having heard about the computer generated movie, I checked out the comic strip to see what the hype was about. I really liked the comic, as it has a Calvin and Hobbes feel to it. And even though the art style seems a bit rough, the artists Mike Fry and T. Lewis captures the expressions of the characters very well. Checkout the daily strips here.

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