Saturday, December 10, 2005

Move DVD releases: Justice League Animated

Warner Home Video has announced March 21 release date for Justice League: Season 1 on DVD.
The Justice League collection will be four discs, including 26 episodes, and will retail for US$44.98.

Episodes include:
* Disc 1: "Secret Origins, Pts. 1-3," "In Blackest Night, Pts. 1-2" and "The Enemy Belows, Pts. 1-2."
* Disc 2: "Injustice for All, Pts. 1-2," "Paradise Lost, Pts. 1-2" and "War World, Pts. 1-2."
* Disc 3: "The Brave and the Bold, Pts. 1-2," "Fury, Pts. 1-2" and "Legends, Pts. 1-2."
* Disc 4: "A Knight with Shadows, Pts. 1-2," "Metamorphosis, Pts. 1-2" and "The Savage Times, Pts. 1-3.

DVD bonuses include:
* Audio Commentary: "The Enemy Below, Pt.2" with producers Bruce Timm, James Tucker, Glenn Murakami and Rich Fogel and director Dan Riba. "Legends, Pt.2," with Timm, Tucker, Fogel, Murakami and Riba. "The Savage Time, Pt. 2" with Timm, Tucker, Murakami, Fogel and Riba.
* Interviews: Inside Justice League: A private panel discussion takes place between Timm and his team of creators about Justice League with some special surprises
* The Look of The League: Timm explains character design of Justice League
* Storyboards: The Blueprint For Justice: The creative team of Justice League discuss storyboarding process
* Justice League: The First Mission: A never-seen-before promo that helped Justice League leap into action. - Comics Continuum


Shaun Wong said...

Tiu! I'm not gonna get this man, another bloody series to collect. I think I'll get the rest of the Superman animated and I'm done

neoconvoy said...

You should. I believe the story lines and animation are much better (altho they are more or less adapted from the comics) than the Batman Animated and Superman Animated series. Anyway, your superhero Supes is featured much more here than in Justice League *cough*SuperFriends*cough* Unlimited.