Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Figure Stands

I am not sure why the local toy shops do not stock up on figure stands. The only stands I see readily available are 12" figure stands - those with the adjustable waist/chest grip or Y-shaped crotch supports, not those for the common 6" to 8" action figures. No demand ? I am not sure.

Though, nowadays some toy company are packing in a stand with the figures - Toybiz's Marvel Legends, Takara's MicroAction series, Kaiyodo's Revoltech, and so on, there are still lots of figures that do not come with a stand and it makes posing them a tad difficult.

After searching through the net, I finally found something that was close to a perfect stand: Hasegawa's Flexible Stand Robot type A. It could fit most figures and I see a quite a number of Japanese toy purchasers use it in their toy galleries.
I bought this from a model kit shop, and when I wanted to get a couple more, they were sold out. Effort to source for more from a local toy shop is still in progress.

While searching through the net, I also came across some interesting stands from Hobby Base:

The last one is a mini MS stand which comes with a nice storage compartment to keep those little loose parts you might have.

I actually have the first 2 stands - the first one which I had bought much earlier via a mass order by Shaun from TFH; the second one when I made a trip to Hong Kong in the middle of the year, in anticipation of the BandaixMedicom 1/6 Project Kamen Rider The First 12" figure.

Digging through my stuff, I also found another stand which I was my first stand purchase - a flight base from Kotobukiya.

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