Sunday, June 24, 2007

Haul of the Day - 24 Jun 2007

Had to drag my butt down to TFH to pickup some stuff that are long overdue, due to coming down with fever and cough. Spent over S$50 and visited 2 different doctors, and the condition has improved only slightly.

Only managed to collect the following, with the Transformers Movie Sector 7 basic figures and Revoltec INOUE Toro out of stock at the moment.
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Marvel Legends Fearsome Foes boxset, a warehouse find by the good folks. Without them, we would have never seen the lights of this boxset, except from evilbay. Through the help of shaun who help me secure a set of BBI 1/6 Female Perfect Body (Caucasian and Hispanic) for some custom down the road. Oh, and do checkout the customs that he did of Wonder Women first take, Wonder Women second take and Mary Jane. And lastly, the bubble warpped figure which you cannot see anything is actually a HyperHobby magazine mailaway Kamen Rider No.1 Sakurajima version.

Will be making another trip tomorrow to retrieve 2 heavy weights that had been at the shop for ages, due to space constraint at home. Have to bring them babies home as the folks are going to move out of the Far East outlet to their new Waterloo location soon.


Shaun said...

maybe I really should pick up the fearsome foes set, but finding it quite hard to get excited about 6" figs these days. thanks for the plug.

Shaun said...

oh the KR finally arrived? Can take pix pls.

neoconvoy said...

you should get it to complete your ML boxsets. You could sell away the figures you dont want, like Carnage, which I had previously picked up for you. But the colours are slightly different though. S$40 anyway, for 5 figures. The Spider-man figure is also one of the better ones.

Eh, later lah. Check out this Jap site to see a few pics: