Sunday, March 11, 2007

Haul of the Day - 11 Mar 2007

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  • Transformers Classics Minicons Dirt Digger Team, Predator Attack Team, Clear Skies Team (OG People's Park)
  • Gundam Universal Century High Grade Hy-GoGG model Kit on clearance (Seiyu Bugis)
  • some Weapons series (CSC)
  • Star Wars 30th Anninversary Coin Series Super Battle Driod (OG People's Park)
  • Batman #663, the Secret #1 (G&B)

Managed to find the elusive Batman #663 and picked up the Secret #1 because of the art by Jason Alexander. Now have to hunt down issue 2, as it was released on Mar 02, 2007.

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