Sunday, March 18, 2007

Haul of the Day - 18 Mar 2007

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Took a stroll down to the local library to get borrow some books on effective management and leadership, and picked up a Series 1 Spirit Aang for S$11.92 (20% discount off S$14.90) along the way.
See previous article on the animated series. And due to some fluke with the local credit card company, I still have not purchased the Book One: Water DVD boxset.

Book Two: Earth, or Season 2, is currently broadcasting locally on SCV channel 32 every Sat (11am, repeat) and Sun (5pm). Season 2 was aired in the US exactly one year ago.

Book Three: Fire, is scheduled to air this year 2007 in US. M. Night Shyamalan is also signed on 08 Jan 2007 to write, direct and produce a trilogy of live-action films based on the series. Big things happening for the Avatar.

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