Monday, March 05, 2007

Haul of the Day - 04 Mar 2007

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Top, left to right:

  • Medicom RAH Clone Trooper (TFH)
  • Art Asylum DC Minimates Superman/Luther 2-pack (Alaric's)
  • Art Asylum DC Minimates Batman/ODAC 2-pack (Alaric's)
  • Konami Busou Shinki Series 4 MMS EX Weapon Set Type Fort Bragg
  • Weapon series from Dragon Quest and some samurai manga (Ng's Collection)
  • Mezco Hellboy Comic Series 2 Alien, Johann and Roger. Managed to get all 3 except Rocket-pack Hellboy, which I already have loose (Alaric's)

A couple of magazines I picked up on the way:
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And a cool tote bag from Ng's Collections, which was given if you purchased more than S$100.
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Shaun Wong said...

what a haul best pal! How much was alarics selling DC minimates for?

neoconvoy said...

S$14/pack. When I left, he left 2 GL, 1 Supe and 2 Joker.