Saturday, December 15, 2007

DVD - Transformers Movie

Thanks to William for giving a heads up, managed to get a cheap official version of the 2 disc Transformers movie DVD.

Didn't get the R1 or R3 versions because the extra stuff were not up to expectations, and the rest were merely gimmicks (transforming case, metal case, free toys, etc). Hopefully they will do a better edition sometime down the road. But I will be getting the Japanese Lawson store exclusive set that has a movie acurrate Blackout.

The more I watch the show, the more lame I find it to be, especially the story, plot and dialog between the humans, the human characters, though the CG Transformers and action scenes are still great eye candy. Somehow it seems too cheesy, comical and the story and characters just does not make much sense.

Hopefully the sequel will be more edgy and more time devoted to the Transformers.

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