Sunday, January 13, 2008

Haul of the Day - 13 Jan 2008

Kaiyodo Revoltech #043 Tetsujin 28

Star Wars 30th Anniversary Destroyer Driod with shield version

1/6 Toy Solider M14 SOCOM 16 carbine collection (black) and Very Hot fabric and laces Oakley boots

After recently watching Black Hawk Down again on the free-to-air channel, and with a bit more interest in 1/6th military weapons, I started to notice the weapons the soldiers were carrying. The most prominent was the one carried by one (or both ?) of the 2 Delta Forces troopers who setup a perimeter around the second Black Hawk that was shot down, and so bravely protected it, albeit lost their lives in the end. Prominent because at first it looked like a WWII weapon. Later Marcus explained to me the weapon's reliability is the main reason the rifle is still in use (though there are variations to it) today.

I happen to find this piece at TFH after digging through their shelves. I had to resort to such tactics cause a certain someone (I won't mention any name here) could not give me the one that came with this set. The good thing about this piece is it has a rifle strap, which weapon sets so far do not include.

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