Sunday, September 21, 2008

Haul from the Sunday Flea Market

Marvel Legends

This boxset was supposedly only available at SDCC 2008, but the local TRU managed to get them, although at S$79.90. I managed to get this piece from a frequent HK seller at only S$50. Box is not the best condition, but with such a price tag, it doesn't really matter. The boxart is done by Frank Cho by the way.

The Spectacular Spider-man Animated

Had been chasing this figure forever, and when I had a chance to get it at Takashimaya, I gave up the opportunity because it was closing time. Luckily I waited and get his from the same HK seller at a cheaper price.

Sky Girls

Only Vincent's shop was selling this series, and I was glad he continued to bring in the second series.

Gundam S.C.M. EX

Special Creative Model (S.C.M.) EX is a cool UFO Catcher prize item series featuring well-articulated action figures of Mobile Suits from the "Gundam" universe that come complete with weapons and optional hands!

And "well-articulated" is an understatement. Just do a search on "SCM EX" on the Japanese websites and you get to see the galleries of these Banpresto figures and their amazing articulation. Take it from a guy who loves articulation. It's awesome.

Picked this up from an unusual stall that was selling stuff dolls and other nick-knacks. They had a stack of the recent Gouf and Zaku releases, and Zeta and Hyaku Shiki which (if I am correct) are late last year's release. The recent releases were going for S$10 a piece, while the latter was S$6 and S$8. I hope to find the RX-78 version, which seems to be sold out.

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