Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Transformers Haul of the Day

Transformers Movie

Walmart exclusives making their rounds locally.

More exclusives (TRU) making their way into the local department stores, this time at Carrefour (surprisingly not at TRU). Mountains of them. Seems to be a dumping ground if you ask me.

More repaints, for the price of a voyager class. I did not pick up the Optimus Prime though.

Tranformers Universe

The Legends class series 2 Hound, Jazz and G2 Megatron looks to be in good scale for the recently released Transformers Encore Metroplex.


deSMOnd said...

Wah! u bought a lot of transformers. Anyway, can give me your handy no and send it to desmondyg@hotmail.com. I will sms mine to your handy later..

neoconvoy said...

i am more a TF collector than anything else..