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Comic Review - Flight Vol 4

After picking up the first volume of Flight, an anthology of independent comics, I have since picked up every single volume they have dished out. Reason is these short stories are a great read, something different from the current mainstream comics, and the artwork are also amazing. If you are looking for something different, Flight is the one for you.

Here are some samples from Vol 4, which I picked up from the local library. I have also included the short writeup of the artist from the book.



The Window Makers - Kazu Kibuishi

Kazu Kibuishi is the editor and art director of Flight: Volume Four. He is laso the creator of Copper, Daisy Kutter and the upcoming graphic novel series Amulet. He lives and works in Alhambra, California, with his wife and fellow comic artist Amy Kim Ganter. []

What I liked about this story is the message it is bringing to the audience, neatly summarised in the above word bubble.

Igloo Head and Tree Head - Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell, aka ScottC, is a regular contributer to Hickee comics and has appeared in a number of other comics anthologies over the years. Pyramid Car and Advanced Talk are sweet comics by ScottC. he does a comic every morning at work and puts it here: At Double Fine he designs video games like Psychonauts. Other times, he paints. []

I like the style and the story.

Roomie-Pal ! - Graham Annable

Enjoying life with his wife in Portland, Oregon, Graham Annable is the creator behind the Grickle books and Stickleback, and editor and contributor of the Hickee anthology. []

This shows how simple stick figures and facial expressions can convey expressions and mood.

Tripod - Bannister and Joel Carroll

Bannister was born in 1973 in France. He currently lives near the Alps with his lovely girlfriend and no pets. His new story, Les Enfants d'Ailleurs, was published in January 2007 (Dupuis Publishing). He has collaborated on many projects both in Europe and overseas. []

I like the artwork, and it feels quite dynamic.

The Storm - Pascal Campion

Pascal Campion comes from the south of France where he spent a good deal of his time riding his bike around. After going to art school in the northern part of France, he decided one day to try the United States to see what it would be like. He never went back. He now lives in beautiful San Francisco with his lovely wife and their dog, where he still enjoys riding his bike up and down the hills, and enjoys all the Indian food he can find.

The artwork, colours and sequence brings the story to live, without the use of dialogue.

Bigwheels - Ovi Nedelcu

Ovi Nedelcu is the creator of Pigtale and currently works at Laika Studios. He balances working in print and animation. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wift and two kids. Ovi believes in three things: God, love and human stupidity. [ and]

I had seen Ovi's artwork before, and I think his style is great - clean lines and stylized.

To Grandma's - Clio Chang

Clio Chang is from Vancouver, British Columbia, where she is currently a working stiff in the animation industry on such shows as Pucca and Ricky Sprocket. She enjoys free time, green tea, and cooking. Occasionally she posts scribblings at

I do not quite understand the story, but her style is used very much in current animation. Nice facial expressions and poses.

Cortina - Fabio Moon

Fabio Moon is the author, with his twin brother, of Ursula and De:TALES, and he makes comics and tells stories all day long. He also loves to dance. He reads less than he wants to and writes less than he should. []

A simple story, with great art.

Twenty-four Hours - Andrea Offermann

After two terrifying years at med school, Andrea Offermann found refuge at an art school and started by learning how to sharpen a pencil. Five years later she prefers pen and ink but is till in love with art of any kind. []

I chose this panel to show the line work and perspective.

The Perfect Spot - Phi Craven

Phil Craven is from Georgia. He lives in California. He draws storyboards at DreaWorks animation. He eats cereal and draws some more comics.

Simple lines, yet it conveys so much.

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