Sunday, November 02, 2008

Comics Recently Borrowed - Transformers Spotlight KUP

I was visiting my sister and her kids, and Konrad, the eldest son showed me what he had borrowed recently from the library - a couple of Transformers Spotlight comics from IDW publishing - Ultra Magnus, Soundwave, Hot Rod, Kup, Sixshot and Nighbeat.

What caught my attention was the artwork on Kup - rough, sketchy and stylized - something that I liked. So I told him once he is finished with the book, to lend it to me and I will return for him. Now I will need to buy this comic.

He was the one who actually got me back to the library, and I am also glad I have made him a Transformer fan. I am still looking for a reasonably priced G1 Sixshot.

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Joshua said...

awesome comics there bro...will check em' out at the library...

linked you up!