Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'll Be Back in December 2008

I guess some of you might have noticed there are no updates for a while. My desktop PC has decided to go into retirement. It's been with me for I think 3-4 years, and before that not too sure how long with my brother. So I guess it was about time. It's been giving me so much problems trying to get it to start up, and from hanging up once I got into the system.

The good news is I just managed to purchase a new laptop (HP DV5 1036TX) from SITEX 2008 over the weekend (though my heart was itching to get the HDX-16 with full HD). The bad news is there is no stock, and I might have to wait for another 2 weeks.

So, keep buying friends, and I'll be back sometime in mid December 2008 !


deSMOnd said...

Looking forward to view your list of toy posts..Haha!!

Little Plastic Man said...

Welcome back soon!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

You are back in action!

Mizu said...

Alamak. Hope you get back online soon. Btw, it's really affordable to get a new PC built from scratch (which is what I've done recently, save for retaining my sound card). I don't get this whole "end of the desktop PC" era because I still use 'em for work and play. ^_^

neoconvoy said...

hi people, just got the laptop in order, so will start to post soon. :)

mich, i bought a laptop more for mobility (i hope, haha) and space. i had a big tower casing, and monitor which takes up much space. haha. furthermore, the whole pc technically belongs to my brother, so it's like returning it back to him. haha.

will post soon !

Joshua said...

do update!!!!

Shaun said...

gong jiao wei lah back in Dec. I bet you have a one year backlog of purchases to post. Maybe two, knowing you.

Joshua said...

TED!do come back to blogging man! miss your star wars 3 3/4 inch hauls!

been months already...

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