Monday, December 11, 2006

Anime Review - Naruto Movie 2

The show starts off with a battle between the Village of Sand and a mysterious band of warriors from a unique looking ship. As the battle reaches its climax, we move on to see Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru on a mission to retrieve a ferrat. In the mist, they come into contact with the mysterious warriors and a boy in armour with special skills.

During the battle, Naruto and the armoured boy, Temujin, falls off a cliff and is saved by a caravan.

Shikamaru and Sakura, on the other hand, find themselves standing in front of a huge moving fortress. Shikamaru decides to embark on an inflitration mission to find out more.

As the story advances, it will be revealed that all the elements of Temujin, the fortress, the caravan people, and the man behind the whole scheme of things are all related, and the story cumulates in a secret ruins, and the power it kept.

The animation, compared to the first movie, is much better, and the action sequences are great as usual. The background is more detailed, and adds depth to the movie.
The animation sequence involving Sakura's battle in the ruins seemed to be animated differently.

The introduction of Garaa and Kankurou is a nice touch, and it was great to see them in action. Not much was revealed about the powers of the 3 ladies, but it has some resemblance to Dracula and the 3 witches. And surprsingly, none of the senior Shinobi from Konoha were featured, even for a brief moment.

The story was nothing much to get excited about. It still revolved around the theme of blind faith and ambition, exploitation and redemption, much like in the anime.

Overall, it was an enjoyable movie. Personally, I would rank it as a B-.

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