Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Haul of the Day - 16 Jul 2007

Went down to Waterloo Centre for the first time to checkout TFH's new location. Much more spacious, for customers as well as the folks working there. By the way, you'll need to remove your footwear before entering the place. Picked up the following while I was there:

  • Revoltech #30 Buster-Machine No.19 Dix-Neuf
  • Revoltech #31 Getter 1 (Original Video Animation Version)


Kenny said...

Oh my, better wear slippers there then.

neoconvoy said...

haha. they have parquet flooring, so cannot have customers walking around with footwear on.

Kenny said...

Wow. Don't see many shops having parquet flooring. Can't wait to check out the new place.