Sunday, July 01, 2007

Haul of the Day - 30 Jun 2007

Got the following comics from Kinokuniya at 20% discount:

The Wolverine Civil War tie-in has art by Humberto Ramos. I had to choose between getting DC/Dark Horse's Superman/Batman vs Aliens vs Predator because of Ariel Olivetti's art, or IDW's Completely Doomed black and white trade paperback by various artists (Ashley Wood, Ted Mckeever, etc). In the end, I went for the latter due to the black and white art and artists.

Took a stroll to Takashimaya and Metro Paragon, and then to TFH to see if my outstanding stuff have arrived. Haul from the shopping trip:

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  • Transformers Movie Scout Class Sector Seven Target exclusives Strongarm, Skyblast and Clocker (Metro Paragon, S$15.90 each). A bunch of repaints from the previous Energon/Cybertron series.
  • Amdriver Monocle Bisar Wendigo (Takashimaya, S$17.50). In Japan, this series was a flop and I guess they dump the excess stock here. But it is not doing well locally as well, with no cartoon to support the toy. Now all the prices have been reduced by 50%, and it is still not moving. Unfortunate, as I had followed the toy series way back when it started in Japan. Anyway, the plus side is that I can get another figure cheap. Next target would be another Bisar, Behemoth.
  • Pinky Choro-Q Pinky with Messerschmitt KR200 (TFH)
  • Beast Wars Reborn TM-11 Tigatron (TFH)


Arman said...

You sure it is the balck and white art and not the SEXY lady on the cover ?!!!

neoconvoy said...

that also lah...haha...