Saturday, July 21, 2007

Haul of the Day - 19 Jul 2007

Picked up the following from TFH:
  • TakaraTomy Music Label MP3 Soundwave (Spark blue)
  • TakaraTomy Music Label MP3 Soundwave (Sonic white)
  • TakaraTomy Music Label Frenzy and Rumble headphones
  • TakaraTomy Transformers Movie MA-09 Ironhide
  • TakaraTomy Transformers Movie MD-07 Megatron
  • TakaraTomy Transformers Movie MD-08 Starscream
  • TakaraTomy Transformers Movie MD-12 Real Gear Zoom Out25X

My colleague was so impressed by the transformation sequence of Starscream that she went ahead to buy the Deluxe Protoform Starscream and Voyager Starscream figures. Woohoo ! She's got great taste !

1 comment:

Edwin said...

Hi, i see that you have a TFTM Voyager Class Ironhide Takara Tomy Version. May i knw if there is ANY difference between the this and the hasbro version? As in, other than than the packaging wise, any other differences like color, finishes or paint-job? Pls reply, i'm very concern, cause i just got 1 takara version ironhide, but dont know if its fake not.