Sunday, June 15, 2008

Haul of the Weeks

My PC had be behaving erratically these few days, and I have also been busy with work to update this blog. Some hauls over the last week fews. Pictures taken at night, so bear with the quality.

Hottoys 1/6 Nudes

Relaunched Asian and Caucasian nudes, with some Chinese guy and Michael Scofield likeness.

Medicom RAH BM

Mail away Rider 2 from Mask Rider The Next movie.

Kaiyodo Revoltech

Japan shop exclusive Toro.


Vol 41. So hard to choose a nice piece, so in the end settle for one with a good Rider X, and the other figure with a misaligned flap on the chest. You cannot see it as the picture is poorly taken.

Transformers Movie

I purchased the Hasbro version, only to hear news later that the TakaraTomy version will be slightly different.

Takaratomy's equivalent to Hasbro's Premium BB. Odd that Hasbro has yet to release theirs.

1/6th Accessory

German WWII Stielhandgranate 24 with Case & Pouch Set says the email. I say it looks cool.

Star Wars

And who can get enough of troopers.

Transformers Animated and Exclusives

Scummed to temptation, I broke down and purchased these figures.
Loose animated Blitzwing, Jazz and Soundwave.
Loose Henkei Crystal Convoy (Japan toy show and e-Hobby exclusive) and Classics Nemesis Optimus Prime (SDCC 2008 exclusive).

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