Saturday, June 21, 2008

Upcoming Medicom 1/6th RAH

At the recent Tokyo Toy Show 2008 (Jun 19-22), Medicom showcased their products for the next one and a half years, and it looked like a fantastic year for Medicom, and a bad one for collector$.

Here are some of the 1/6th products that have me sold.


Ultraman Father ! The figure was announced when Ultraman Taro was announced. It seems that Ultraman Father will be a mailaway, using the coupon that comes with Taro. Please give him his cape and that hour glass thing.

Ultraman Leo

I have never seen an episode of Leo, since it was never shown locally. But I liked the design of Leo. And better still, he comes with his Ultra nanchucks !

Medicom continues with great offerings from this line. And it is about time. They focused so much on Kamen Rider, and it is great to see more figures. It might be Bandai holding them back, but it does not matter now. From the looks of it, they would be releasing all the Ultraman brothers, and the rest. The only problem with this line is accessories. Give them some please !

And I hope Medicom will reissue Ultraman Zoffy and Imit Ultraman in the future. The prices on these figures are going crazy over eBay.

Star Wars

Seriously, do we need more Clones ? Why not ? They are great for milking more money from collectors.

The head sculpt for Han Solo looks great, but not the clothes though. Hope they get improved along the way. And finally, a human sculpt.

Vinyl Collectible Doll series Jawa. The VCD line is not cheap, considering the size of the figures. Hope they will make this cheap and I'll buy half a dozen ! And with such prices, they better give this figure more articulations ! The past offerings like Wicket and Yoda is a disappointment.


When the Dragonball license was announced by Medicom, I was thrilled, but not so thrilled after seeing the Son Goku figure. With more figures like Picolo and Son Gohan announced, I am reconsidering though.

The Dark Knight

Hot one the heels of Hot Toys' TDK announcement, Medicom shows off their version.

Personally, I think they look better than HT. Shaun speculates that the Bruce Wayne would be a mail away, like the Medicom Peter Parker and Clark Kent.

But I would wait and see if TakaraTomy will also jump on the TDK bandwagon. They were the best of the 3 for the Batman Begins figures.

Street Fighter

And lastly, this came as quite a surprise, Street Fighter figures ? Not sure if this is related to the Chun Li (starring Kristin Kruek) movie that is coming out though, or just the 20th anniversary of the video game. And the cool factor is we get the big thigh version !

Start saving up people !!!

Pictures courtesy of:
Toy World HK

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