Saturday, October 11, 2008

Haul from Sunshine Plaza

After reading Desmond's post on Sunshine Plaza, I decided to head on there for a look, and the fact it has been ages since I last went there. Also, there was sightings on a Bandai candy toy at one of the shops there prompted my visit.

And this is the damage due to the visit, all from Xenohobby Workz.
(Note for those heading there, they only accept cash.)

The Amazing Spider-Man

Manwolf is quite an old figure from this Spider-man line which I never did really want to pick up when it was first released, as I was not familiar with the character. But after seeing pictures from other collectors, I decide to pick it up, for a good price of S$15 as well.

Final Fantasy VII Play Arts

This version of Yuffie Kisaragi (S$48) is from Final Fantasy VII. There is another version from Final Fantasy: Advent Children movie, which looks a bit plain. But this is where I first saw the character, and that cool looking weapon. It reminds me of Sasuke's weapon from Naruto.


This is the Bandai set of candy toys MugenKaiSeiJuu that I was tipped off, but found at the shop instead of another. It is S$2 more than what you will normally get at Comics Connection.

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