Sunday, October 26, 2008

Haul of the Day

Star Wars

Picked these Clone Wars wave 2 figures from TFH, as I know getting the Clone Troopers from retail will be quite impossible nowadays if you do not have any connections, or at the right place at the right time. And this brings us to the next haul.

Quite surprised to find the latest Legacy waves on the pegs during a morning appointment with a retail store employee. Actually I only found the FX-6 medical droid, among the other figures (sans Clone Troopers) of this wave. The employee asked me if I was looking for any particular figure, and I told him I was looking for Clone Wars Odd Ball. He said he would check the stocks for me, and came back with a Shock Trooper as well. Thanks man !
(Btw, the other figures in the latest Legacy wave was taken by another person.)

Transformers Universe

Even though I had bought the Henkei version, I still bought the Hasbro Silverstreak because shaun keeps telling me something about the shoulder missiles being G1 accurate.

Got Universe Blades (repaint of Live Convoy or Evac) from OG at 20% discount.


Joshua said...

just to ask...urgently...where did you check for those clone troopers??? i seriously want to GET MY HANDS ON ONE!!! please tell me....

i'm hunting high and low and i can't find it on pegs in stores...which store is it?!?!

neoconvoy said...

bro, besides TFH, i got them from OG Alert...i just happen to be there at the right time, with a friendly salesperson...but most of the time like you, i am never able to find them on the pegs...i was just lucky that day..