Monday, October 20, 2008

Haul of the Day

CM's Master Action Series (MAS)
The wait is finally over. The first set of Blocker Corp Machine Blaster Sundaio and BossPalder has arrived, courtesy of the guys at TFH, who helped me get this from Japan, as well as one for Marcus.


Picked up the latest Revoltech Mouse Generation Street Fighter Online (SFO) He Tie Shou, as well as the regular #62 TengenToppa Gurren Lagann Final Form and #63 Ricky.
Did not pick up Ryu, as I did not quite like the figure. Until it grows on me, it is not on the ToGet list. The Mouse Generation is roughly 3.75" tall (or rather short) by the way.


deSMOnd said...

I am still thinking whether to buy Ryu (SFO) or not. Why the size of these series are smaller than the normal Revoltech series?? Quite small..Not nice leh!!

cosmicbaby said...

wah! so fast! I hope I made the right choice of orderin' them!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Just saw the Street Fighters figures earlier @ Falcon's Hangar. Find the size a bit too small. Prefer the ones by Sota Toys.

neoconvoy said...

if you collect 6" figures, i would say give these a miss, and stick to SOTA...not sure why Kaiyodo made them so small though...though the price is cheaper...

marcus, no regrets man !