Saturday, October 11, 2008

Haul of the Day

DC MiniMates

Shaun and myself paid a visit in the afternoon to our favourite comic shop GnB hoping to score some MS Hulk, but shipment was only due in the later part of the afternoon or evening. Disappointed, we just looked around (Shaun apparently at something else), so as not to waste the trip, and I eventually picked up this piece. I thought the Green Lantern was quite cool. I would have picked up an Alex Ross ToyMan (from Justice), but not sure of the articulations, I decided not to.


I managed to find the deluxe Eve and also Mo at TRU Forum, at the discounted price of S$14.90. There is still a few more Eve, so those need one head on down !


Little Plastic Man said...

Great buy for Eve!

neoconvoy said...

yup, happen to find it by chance..

Mizu said...

Oh noes! I couldn't find that particular M-O when I went looking for WALL-E toys some time back. Good finds though! (And great taste in animated films, lol)

neoconvoy said...

mich, after the movie, all kena snached up...i was lucky to find it at TRU that day. I havent been to Forum since, but noticed that other branches have already cleared them out...i hope they will heavily discount the huge yellow truck that Wall.e stayed in. heh heh.

haha. itz a great show !