Sunday, August 12, 2007

Haul of the Week - 12 Aug 2007

This was a tough week, and I mean tough on the wallet, with the arrival of the Transformers Encore series and more Transformers Movie merchandise at TFH.

Takaratomy Transformers Encore series

Takaratomy Transformers Movie Basic Ratchet/Megatron/Blackout, Real Gear Booster X10/High Score 100/Meantime, Voyager Megatron and Deluxe Bumblebee 08/Arcee

Daiblock Convoy

And lastly, some stuff I picked up at OG (20% off) while shopping for my nephew's birthday (today) present: Bandai Ben10 Delxue Kevin 11 (his present), Hasbro Star Wars VOTC IG-88/Bossk and Bandai MachineRobo Mugenbine Razorninja.



wah... BBB!
your haul of the week can pay for my haul of the few months!
I am glad i never got addicted to Trannies.
I believe you must have left the shop smiling! Was shaun with you on this trip as well? LOL

neoconvoy said...

they are cheap plastic toys my friend...not like you guys buying 12" figures...

yes, i really "left the shop smiling"...if you know what i mean...hahaha...

Nope, he wasn't around. must been busy with this ghey activities.