Sunday, August 19, 2007

Review - Star Wars 30th Anniversary JAWA / LIN

I picked up this figure (2-pack) by mistake, thinking that there was a discount, only to discover that the discount only applied between the hours of 3pm-5pm. Damn you fine print !!! Anyway, I did not want a fuss, so I just paid full price.


The 30th Anniversary card design is quite nicely done. The labels are place in areas where it is easy to read, and the figure is displayed prominently in the bubble. The card back provides details of the character, as well as a profile. It also displays the other figures in the series. It is not bland, and has a real designer feel to it. The art on the card is also fantasic.

Figure - Jawa

I have no idea if this is a new sculpt or an existing one. But I believe it should be a new sculpt made for the 30th anniversary series.

Finally they cut a Jawa some slack by giving it some articulation treatment. The new Jawa comes with ball-joint neck, ball-hinged shoulders, elbows,swivle hands and waist. Sadly, it does not have any articulations below the waist.
It also comes with a outer coat and a one-piece shoulder strap. At each end of the strap is a holdster for the blaster and the lock device.

Figure - LIN Droid

The LIN droid comes with a cover which is already assembled. I took out the cover to take a look at the details inside. It also comes with 2 antenna, a light and an articulated arm.

Note there are no wheels under the tracks.

Not a bad deal for with 2 new figures. If you like driods, LIN will be a good addition. Only grip is that it does not have wheels and I would prefered the original blaster that came with the Jawa, instead.


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Kenny said...

Discount only applies 3 -5 pm? Talk about bad timing.