Saturday, August 30, 2008

Movie Review - WALL.E


It was a choice between Clone Wars and Wall.E, and I let my nephew decide, even though I was hoping he choose Clone Wars. Luckily he made the right choice, after reading quite a number of bad reviews about Clone Wars. My colleague wanted to bring her kids to see Clone Wars as well, but in the end decided to see Wall.E. Good choice.

In terms of storyline, it is the usual lonely, innocent male robot meets state-of-the-art female robot, falls in love, and saves the world, and makes a few friends along the way. Nothing groundbreaking. But the story telling, pace is indeed quite good.

The computer graphics and animation is once again top notch, as PIXAR time and time again improves and amazes us in every new movie they make. Check out the details, dirt, trails, etc, lighting, mood, backgrounds, effects, etc. Much of the designs of the robots seen on the Axiom, as well as EVE, were influenced by Apple.

It is a funny and heart warming movie, and you can relate to the characters. My brother told me my niece cried during the scene when Wall.E was crushed.

I recommend to all people, couples and kids.

This is another title for my DVD collection.

The funny thing I noticed is how Wall.E developed a personality without any human contact, except for the Hello Dolly ! video and his only faithfully pet cockroach. I would assume his programming and hardware would not allow this to happen, as they only followed their directives (ala Robocop). Only the new robots on the Axiom displayed certain personality and were able to make independent decisions.


cosmicbaby said...

Great show!
hope yr nephew got the moral of the story:
We can fcuk earth up real good & go live in space & come back in 700 years & fcuk it up all over again!

neoconvoy said...

hahaha...that's what we do besta !!

LEon said...

The choice is clear. Clone war are so yester-years. True to it's name, Clone in production and storyline. Wall.E Rulez!! Even the action figure sell like hot cakes than Clone wars.

neoconvoy said...

yes yes, now i cant even find a EVE deluxe figure...and the other figures are starting to dry up as well...