Saturday, August 16, 2008

Upcoming Movie - Gatchaman

Felix Ip, creative director of Imagi (who gave us the CG animation TMNT) showcased some concept art from the upcoming 2009 release Gatchaman CG movie. See them at his blog here and here.

Not liking the logo too much though.

The Godphoenix looks identical to the 1994 OVA version.


Can't wait for more information and its release next year ! And with the movie, there's bound to be toys, similar to TMNT !


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Still remember I used to watch the anime when I was a kid. The ending seems kind of sad though.

neoconvoy said...

i cannot recall what was the ending, but i remember their base was destroyed and most of the robots as well...and the main character also sort of betrayed them and went to work for the bad guys...undercover, or something...but this was the most memorable cartoon during my childhood...