Saturday, July 19, 2008

Movie Review: The Dark Knight

This by far, is the best superhero movie todate.

Even though the show was about 2.5 hours, it did not seem that long. The pace was good, with action from the very start and nicely placed throughout the movie.
And you get excited to see what will happen next.

As most would have said, the late Heath Ledger did steal the whole show.

I was surprised to see quite a number of actors (at least those I recognized) in this movie. Chin Han, the Singaporean actor had quite a big role in this film, even though Edison Chen was in the news. He only had a few seconds in the film, and you can't even see his face clearly. His interaction is only with Morgan Freeman, while Chin Han interacted with the major actors.

I think most of the actors pulled off this movie very well.

The interaction between Batman and Joker really setup their whole relationship.

I like Gary Oldman's narration at the end of the movie.

Batman did not utilize his utility belt this time round though.

I am not sure how they will top this movie if they are ever going to make another sequel.

The only 2 complaints is not about the movie, but the cinema. The film was too dark, so I could not clearly see some of the night scenes. The audio was also not good, as I could not hear the dialogue very well. So for most part of the film, I was not sure where the whole plot was going.

Now, about those Hottoys figures and vehicles....

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