Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Toy Review - The Incredible Hulk - HULK

Afte watching the movie, I finally took out the Hulk figure that I got from the GSS Takashimaya sale.
(Please bear with the lousy quality of the photos).



Hulk is a fairly articulated figure, thought not as many as the previous ToyBiz incarnations. But good enough to hold a few decent poses.
Note the ball joints at the shoulder, elbows and knees do not provide a wide range of movement though. I prefer the ToyBiz cut and double joints combination.
This is the most articulated figure in the whole line by the way.

The joints in general are not too tight, but I think I just happen to get one with a fairly loose left hand. This is a disappointed as this is the hand which holds the beam.

The paint on the figure is fairly good though, except for the blue joints on the legs. The Hulk also have a good facial expression.


Hulk comes with a break away steel beam. I wish they had given Hulk articulated hands, or at least have both open hands instead of a closed one to hold the beam.



It is 6" scale, which is the same height as ToyBiz's Marvel Legends, but out of scale. I hope to get my hands on the TRU exclusive Hulk, which is in scale with Marvel Legends series.


cosmicbaby said...
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cosmicbaby said...

looks like you need to buy the ironman gang now... but i dont see it around the dept store anymore

neoconvoy said...

eh, i have already bought them...haha...the movie over liao, so they have replaced them with hulk and batman figures...